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Meet our Founder

Meet our co-founder and trading coach, Brian Parton.

He grew up as far from Wall Street as one could imagine, on a farm in Georgia. His early lessons—an honest, hard-working day, prepared him to become a Georgia state champion wrestler.

That will to win, to overcome all odds, transferred to the business world. Brian built three businesses from the ground up.

Coach Brian’s integrity, tenacity, and success motivation led him to co-found Liberty Trading Club, coaching hundreds of clients eager to emulate this amazing success story.

We are proud to welcome you to learn much more of coach Brian’s exploits, meet our valued clients who will share their experiences how coach Brian is leading them today to a wealthier, more successful life.

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Trade Calls Since 2006


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We Offer The Best Coaching & Support To Become a Professional Trader

Learn to see the market like no other and break your paradigm. 

Yes, you will have losing trades but do you really have to have losing days?

Risk Management

Stops are the most important part of a trade plan. Learn how to predetermine a stop that fits your trading style and account size before entering a trade.

Trading Psychology

The Club offers many support systems to help you stay disciplined to setups that are most profitable for your trading style.

6 Proven Setups

Since 2006, the group has used the same 6 high probability trade setups that can provide an 80% accuracy when applied correctly.

Live Training

We offer Online 4 Advanced and 2 Basic Classes a week as well as In Person Training to develop traders from any skillset and experience level.


Trade Room Access

Ideal for experienced trader:


Small Group Training

All benefits from standard plus:


1:1 Coaching and in person Training

Liberty Trading Club Team will be looking over your shoulders and coach you in real time.

Work 1:1 with a Coach to elevate your trading to the next level 

why choose us ?

many well known companies believe in our credibility

We provide you with the support to expand your trading business

Learn how our proven methodology and Trade Room will help you establish a Trade Plan based on your personality type, account size, and risk tolerance levels.

kevdoghawaii Member Since 2022

Thank you coaches you have helped me to not FOMO in over this past month I have been in the room. you guys are fantastic

Robert Member Since 2021

Of all the trading services I have been associated with, (i.e. paid for and there have been many), there has not been anything like what I have received and encountered here at Liberty Trading Club. All others have been many false and broken promises. Have much to unlearn, but progressing. Anyone that has come here first, consider yourself extremely lucky and fortunate.

Profitable Chad Member Since 2022

I have only traded about a total of 3 hours today in between meetings and I just hit 506 ticks for the day. I think I am going to be DFD. I don't say this to brag, I say this to everyone so you understand how good the coaches and Liberty Trading Club are. For what it's worth...I thought I would share this on the last day of the year, I lost money for 36 straight months. Been trading for 4 years before coming to Liberty Trading Club. This Club and the coaches are outstanding. I have now not had a losing day in almost 2 months. I had really all but given up hope until I came here. This was really my last hoorah and was so worth it. Thank you coaches!

David E. Member Since 2022

Coaches, I know your both getting private messages, so I will post mine here and keep it short. Third to my third grandchild being born and my daughter getting her Doctorate, finding this club was the highlight of my year. MANY THANKS!

V.A. Member Since 2022

Happy new years coaches and thanks for all your guidance. I was going to keep trading but taking Coach Brian's advice and calling it. My first 600+ tick day, and cant complain! I'm looking forward to growing with you guys in the new year. All the best

Cheryl G. Member Since 2022

This has been an incredible journey for me. Have lots of "self-reflection" and work to go! Thank you Coach Alex, Brian, Hugo and Shanelle! You guys are the best and I am forever grateful!

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